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Welcome and thank you for being with us. We are pleased to bring Whole Brain® InnerTalk® the world’s leading programs in subconscious learning & communication closer to you. The positive and encouraging response of our users have encouraged and convinced us to bring Dr. Eldon Taylor to present his revolutionary Positive Thought Modification technologies as well as the latest development in the field of Mind Science. Also, the planned establishment of an INNERTALK® ACADEMY would allow those who have keen interest in this area to acquire further knowledge, and using such knowledge to benefit the society. We are extremely grateful to be able to represent and work with InnerTalk Asia Pacific. We also like to say thank you to all users of InnerTalk® programs. You may share these lovely products to all your family members & friends. Gain comes after Giving.


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Your mind is incredible. Science has discovered many of the hard wired connections that appear to give the brain(mind) so much control over the body (in terms of Health, Wellness, Longevity, Youthfulness) and our destinies (in terms of Success, Learning, Wealth and Prosperity). Many scientific researches have shown it is mainly the subconscious and not the conscious which control a person.
Since it is the subconscious which programs a person, the negative information stored in the subconscious part of the brain has to be changed in order to change the current self limiting behavior. But you can't just tell your subconscious to think differently and expect life changing result. You must find a way to counteract those negative subconscious thoughts and introduce new positive thoughts for your subconscious to use in the reprogramming.
InnerTalk patented program is able to introduce positive self talks or messages to the subconscious, thereby changing one's self defeating beliefs from the inside out.

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